Client: Area.
Location: IBM Offices, Bristol.
Project Lead Time: 8 Weeks.

We installed a new suspended DALI LED linear lighting system to a newly created exposed ceiling area to create the perfect setting for team meetings, one-to-ones or for the wow factor at the main entrance. Ambience was achieved with the Whitecroft wireless wall plate switching, which allows the drop-down projector screen to be visible from all areas of the presentation area.

We created a light and vibrant breakout area with the use of Whitecroft LED linear lighting, suspended from the original concrete ceiling between a timber slatted raft, along with a 4 globe Menu TR pendant over the breakout high table. For the more relaxed rest area, we created a snug breakout lounge with ambient low-level lighting piercing through a free-standing floor-to-ceiling timber raft to create that feeling of complete separation from the work space.

As a part of the CatA refurbishment, the landlord had installed new LED lighting to cover the fully open-plan space. We devised a scheme to supplement the existing Whitecroft 36W DALI Tegan lighting to create a fully compliant, light and airy work space. To offer more control to the client, we installed and commissioned a number of additional Whitecroft Organic Response wireless 6-button wall mounted switches and programmed scenes to suit the client’s needs.

As with all of our projects, we made alterations to the existing safety systems that had been designed for an open-plan floor space, by installing additional fire alarm detection and emergency lighting. We also installed additional sounders and new visual alerts to help employees who are hard of hearing or visually impaired.